New Wager-Free Spins on Casino Heroes — Nighthawks NYC

New Wager-Free Spins on Casino Heroes — Nighthawks NYC

Casino Heroes has a unique loyalty program for its players, where they get to fight Bosses and bring home treasures to their treasure chests from those fights. The rewards include both Bonus Spins and Rubies. Now, Bonus Spins can obviously be used on slot games but what are Rubies good for?
Rubies are the virtual currency of the Hero Islands, the ever-entertaining casino world of Casino Heroes. They are tradeable in the Ruby Store for Bonus Spins of different value:
Hero Spins, Super Hero Spins and Mega Hero Spins that are worth up to €4 per spin.


King Spins
A while back Casino Heroes has introduced a new kind of item in the Ruby store called the King Spin. This is entirely unique as it’s a wager free spin! Here’s how it works:

When you play your favorite casino games on Casino Heroes, you’ll soon encounter a Boss. When you win a Boss fight, you can get rewarded with Rubies. They’re automatically placed in your treasure chest after the fight. Thereafter, you can click the “Ruby Store” icon which is located to the right in the header if you’re playing on your laptop, or to the left if you’re playing on mobile & app. The number you see next to the Red Ruby is your Ruby balance.

In the Ruby Store you now have six sections of items to choose from, starting with the Hero Spins, Super Hero Spins and Mega Hero Spins on top. Scrolling down, you’ll see our newest additions which are called King Spins worth €1, Super King Spins worth €2, and Mega King Spins worth €4. All the winnings you get from these three levels of King Spins are yours to keep! Underneath all items you can also see how many Rubies you need to trade to obtain the spins.

If you have any questions regarding King Spins or Casino Heroes in general, you can contact with Casino Heroes customer support. Heroes are available for you via chat all day long, or if you prefer sending an email, you can do so to

Best of luck to all Casino Heroes!